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We’re calling all innovators, entrepreneurs, developers and researchers to submit disruptive ideas that transform industries and governments, and change the world. Challenge winners receive:

Mentoring by industry experts


Work space

Work Space at Cisco Innovation Centers

A Trip to Web Summit in Lisbon

Trip to Web Summit in Lisbon to pitch in the "live finals"

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A share of $250,000 to jumpstart your venture.

The Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge is searching for the most disruptive digital solutions for a safer, more sustainable and connected world.
Sound like your solution? There has never been a better time to innovate!

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is more than simple connectivity; it is how we enable continuous and disruptive change in businesses, industries, and countries, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). For governments, it means improved services and better quality of life for citizens. For industries, it means a more efficient approach and more productivity, among many other benefits. Those new approaches provide more productivity, more efficiencies and greater satisfaction.









Challenge Categories

Do you have a fantastic new idea? We are looking to reward the best submissions in these areas.



Will you create a new venture that improves the way we travel?



Does your venture transform manufacturing?



Can you disrupt infrastructure with your ideas around network connectivity, data analytics or more?

Smart cities

Smart cities

Can you transform government services and allow citizens to live a better, connected life?



Does your venture improve customer satisfaction and sales by disrupting retail?



Do you have a venture that makes people, businesses, and communities more secure?



Do you have a venture that helps students become more productive?



Does your venture transform healthcare across the board?


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1st place

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2nd place

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3rd place

All cash prizes are in US Dollars


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The Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge recognizes ventures from innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs around the world. We are looking for the most innovative digital acceleration technologies and solutions.

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The Story of the Cisco
Innovation Grand Challenge

The Innovation Grand Challenge has evolved during the past two years. Thousands of startups entered ideas in the first two challenges. Cisco received many amazing ventures, and through the judging process, those ventures were whittled all the way down to five winners. Here are their stories:

CyberFlow Analytics (San Diego, U.S.A) provides “Anomalytics”

CyberFlow Analytics is focused on delivering continuous cybersecurity monitoring at scale, using network behavioral analytics. Its approach combines predictive analytics, threat intelligence, and advanced visualization. In a recent smart city deployment, CyberFlow Analytics was able to catch new forms of malware never seen before, employee policy violations, and other anomalies pertaining to critical infrastructure (SCADA) networks.

Green City Solutions (Dresden, Germany) make clean and cool air profitable

Air pollution is the world's largest single environmental health risk and a cause of every seventh death worldwide. Green City Solutions has developed a freestanding solution called CityTree. It features a moss culture that naturally absorbs the pollution that occurs in urban environments. Each unit has the air-cleaning effect of up to 275 traditionally planted urban trees, yet requires less than 1 percent of the space, and no groundwork. In smart-cities, the CityTree can be an integral part of the IoT infrastructure, hosting different kind of sensors, and providing access to digital content using various technologies (Wi-Fi hotspot, QRCode, iBeacon, NFC, and others).

Eigen Innovations (Fredericton, Canada) is Bringing Vision to IoT

Manufacturers want to reduce waste, increase productivity, improve quality control, and simplify operations. Eigen Innovations provides a cloud-based continuous learning platform that helps manufacturers integrate factory floor vision and sensor data, machine learning, and human intelligence. This creates a cycle of optimization and edge analytics updates that improves process control and quality monitoring directly on the factory line.

relayr, Berlin

The relayr success story with Cisco started when they were one of the winners of the 2014 Innovation Grand Challenge. This victory led to joint engagements to develop more than 4000 developers. relayr completed initial implementations in a few German customers’ locations, including deployment Cisco’s very own openBerlin Innovation Center!

Since being named a winner, relayr has successfully raised $11M in Series A - Kleiner Perkins Funding, Munich Venture Capital and Cisco Investments. They have a strong Industrial IoT focus and a solid leadership team with experience in startups and in larger organizations, including Cisco. relayr has quickly established credibility in the IoT market with strong customer traction, global expansion, and joint Cisco customer engagements. It has developed joint offers with Cisco products and services and is now included on the Cisco price-list. The joint, go-to-market effort with Cisco has directly influenced large deals for Cisco technologies and services, which has been a winning approach for both organizations.

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